Backpacker Hype featured on Games to Play Jan 2022

Hey all!

Happy New Year. As part of our hard work to deliver fantastic experience for everyone, we've decided to start posting regular updates about what we are up to!

We are really pleased to announce that one of our games - Backpacker Hype, has been listed by the guys at as a Game to Play on Android in Jan 2022.
Backpacker Hype is our take on hypercasual Trivia games. 
In it you get to travel around the world and show off your knowledge for each country that you visit.
Travel to fascinating cities, show that you know more than anyone else and collect trophies to commemorate your journeys!

Backpacker Hype is available on the Google Play store. Download, play and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback! :)

The Playright team!